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Google Street View step

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Google is the most used website in India. It offers several services. One of the most used services in India is Google Maps. It helps people navigate and get them to their destinations even if they don't know the way. Google Maps brings several features and updates. One of those features is Street View.

Google Street View step

Google Street View helps people see the street imagery of several places on the planet. It was introduced over a decade ago but it has been updated myriad times. It has on its network lakhs of streets of almost all the nations of the world. It spans across thousands of cities across the world.

Google Street View step

Google Street View can be used to make plans for journeys, to find directions and even to show real estate to potential customers.

Google Street View step

Professionals can also use this feature. It can be used where people can't reach due to time constraints and money problems.

To use Google Street View, you will have to enable Google Maps.

Steps by step guide to use Google Street View.

Firstly, open Google Maps on your Android device. Long press the location where you want to drop the pin. Now, below the screen, punch in the place that you want to view via Street View.

Now scroll down and select the photograph you want to see using Street View. After watching the view you wanted to see, press the back button to come back to your home screen.

How to use it on Apple Devices?

Search for a location or touch and hold on the map and drop the pin on Maps by moving your finger. Now at the bottom of the screen, type in the name of the location for which you want to see Street View. When you're finished exploring, tap/click the Back button.

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