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Independence Day 2022: Try THESE 5 tri

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India is all set to celebrate its 76th year of Independence on August 15, 2022. People will celebrate the occasion by hoisting the Indian flag, listening to Prime Minister Narendra Modi`s address and having fun get-togethers with family and friends.

Independence Day 2022: Try THESE 5 tri

Honour the 76th year of Independence with a delicious spread of tricolour food to mark this special day.

Independence Day 2022: Try THESE 5 tri

This year, with the long weekend approaching, it is a great time to try some delicious and easy tricolour meals to make this festival more special and memorable with your loved ones.

Independence Day 2022: Try THESE 5 tri

Here is a list of 5 tri-colour dishes you must try at home:

Tri-coloured Idlis:People all over India love South Indian food because it is light and healthy. So, here is an easy idli recipe that includes all three flag colours in single idli. For saffron colour, you can use carrot puree, regular idli batter for the white and spinach puree for the green. Enjoy the tricolour idli with chutney and sambar for a healthy breakfast.

Tri-coloured sandwich: You can celebrate Independence Day by making an easy and delicious snack called a tri-coloured sandwich to stay true to the theme. The recipe for the sandwich is the same, however, for the orange layer, you have to mix carrots, mayonnaise and salt. For the green layer, mix together the cottage cheese, green chutney and salt.

Tricolour Biryani: Biryani is definitely our favourite food for many of us and we just started craving it whenever we heard the name. Biryani makes a special day more special, so why not make Independence Day more special with tricolour biryani? For tricolour biryani, add spinach for getting the green colour, tomato puree for the saffron and cottage cheese cubes or tofu for the white.

Tricolour Dhokla: The most-tasty snack of all time is Dhoklas from Gujarat. You can try tricolour dhoklas this Independence Day. Use carrot juice for Saffron colour, regular rawa batter for normal white and spinach puree for the green.

Tricolour Salad: People who are on diet and can`t eat biryani and dhoklas due to their fitness regime can try some tricolour salad. You can use carrots for the Saffron colour, baby corn for white and broccoli for green. Add some butter, salt and pepper for the taste. Arrange the vegetables on a plate to represent the tricolour.

Enjoy your Independence Day with these dishes and have a great Independence Day.

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