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Train delayed or canceled due to fog? Here's a step

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Since a few days ago, states in northern India have been impacted with a cold wave and dense fog. Due to the heavy fog in some areas, public transportation like buses and trains were delayed, and the fog also had an impact on the flow of traffic on the roads.

Train delayed or canceled due to fog? Here's a step

Train delays during such times can be a common issue for passengers travelling during the Christmas and New Year's holiday travel week. Here's how to get your ticket refunded if bad weather or dense fog caused your trains to be delayed or cancelled and affected your travel plans.

Train delayed or canceled due to fog? Here's a step

What to do if your train is late or delayed?

Train delayed or canceled due to fog? Here's a step

Winter is in full swing as we approach the final days of 2022. People are residing inside their homes as a result of the cold and fog. While others travel for business or to take a winter holiday. Such passengers are greatly impacted by the delay or cancellation of trains. You can quickly remand a train if it is running behind schedule.

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You can cancel your trip if your train is three hours or more late. In accordance with railway regulations, when a train is cancelled because of a 3 hour or greater delay, the entire fare is refunded.You won't be charged anything for cancelling your train ticket if it is delayed by more than 3 hours.

It is preferable that you go to the reservation counter to cancel a counter ticket if you have one. However, if you purchased your ticket from IRCTC, you will need to consult the website and finish the required steps.

How do I submit a TDR (ticket deposit receipt) online?

You must file a TDR to cancel the ticket if your train is consistently running late after chart preparation. Here's how you can  easily cancel a train ticket by logging into IRCTC as long as the chart hasn't been made.

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Here is a step-by-step guide to filing a TDR:

Step 1: Sign in to your IRCTC account.

Step 2: Once logged in, select MY ACCOUNT.

Step 3: Go to My Transaction and choose the option to file a TDR from there. 

Step 4: By selecting your ticket from the list, you can submit a TDR.

Step 5: Within 5 to 7 working days of receiving your TDR, Railways will review your claim and send your refund amount to your account.

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