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Airtel hikes prepaid tariff on 28

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Airtel: The business increased the cost of the Rs 99 28-day recharge package by 57 per cent. In place of Rs 99, Rs 155 will now be required to be paid for the 28-day tariff plan. Earlier the Rs 99 pack was the minimum validity plan, required to keep the SIM active. Now individuals will have to pay more in order to keep their incoming and outgoing services active if they were opting the Rs 99 pack only for keeping the SIM card active and working.  The corporation has already launched this recharge plan in Haryana and Odisha, and it is anticipated that the rest of the country will follow suit soon.

Airtel hikes prepaid tariff on 28

The Rs 99 Minimum Recharge Plan with a 28-day validity period has been discontinued by Airtel. The consumer was charged a call rate of 2.5 pesos per second along with 200 megabytes of data under this plan. This plan is currently being offered by Airtel for Rs 155 and includes unlimited calling, 300 SMS, and 1 GB of data. The only clients receiving this plan are 2G users. All plans priced below Rs. 155 are anticipated to be discontinued by the company. Customers must now purchase Rs. 155 packages in order to receive SMS service.

Airtel hikes prepaid tariff on 28

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Airtel hikes prepaid tariff on 28

Bharti Airtel has started testing its rate plan on the market in the circles of Haryana and Odisha, according to ICICI Securities' brokerage note. The corporation wants to test how consumers respond, the brokerage report said. Customers using 4G will not be impacted by this rate increase. Prior to this, Bharti Airtel has already taken the first step by raising the minimum recharge plan in a few circles from Rs 79 to Rs 99.

After Bharti Airtel took this action, it was thought that other telecom carriers would follow the same. According to the report, Bharti opted to raise the tariff first in light of the current situation. The business will watch to see how others respond to this. If it is not accepted, the previous tariff plan might have to be reinstated.

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